Galv-Tech Cleaner: is a concentrated alkaline detergent solution, designed to remove surface contaminants, oil and grease by its emulsification action prior to rinsing clean.
Galv-Etch Solution: is an acid / detergent solution, designed to etch new galvanized surfaces simultaneously with emulsification of surface contaminants i.e. prefabricators protective coating.
Galv-Etch solution requires a wet reaction period of 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing clean
Galv-Tech Cleaner may be applied by mop, profile fitting felt or old brush, activating the contaminants.
The use of scotchbrite pad in conjunction with Galv-Tech Cleaner facilitates easier abrasive action and improves key. Rinse thoroughly all residues.
Galv-Etch solution may be applied by mop-swab or brush.