Denso Acrylic Pipeline Tape


Denso Acrylic Pipeline tape is a component of the Denso Steelcoat 500 system for protection of above ground steelwork. It may be applied directly to pipes or tubular structures or used as a tough self-coloured outer layer over SS Hi-tack Tape. It is particularly suitable for machine application to pipe lengths.

Denso Acrylic Pipeline Tape is designed for the long term external corrosion protection of exposed, above-ground sections of pipelines, bridge cables, hand-rails, etc. where excellent UV protection is required. The tape may either be used as the sole corrosion prevention wrapping when applied to clean primed steel, or as a protective and weatherproof outerwrap over a Denso petrolatum innerwrap with which it is fully compatible. Denso Acrylic Pipeline Tape displays the following characteristics:
– UV Stable
– Excellent adhesion to primed steel
– Compatible with common pipe coatings
– Compatible with Petrolatum tapes & mastics
– Can be wrapped spirally or circumferentially
– High impact strength
– Re-coatable for easy maintenance
– Excellent resistance to aggressive marine and industrial areas.