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Denso Bitumen Primer D

A fast drying primer, compounded from the elastomeric tape adhesive. Prime surfaces prior to the application of the Denso range of CPT,Densoclad, Densopol, Ultraflex, Acrylic Pipeline and Densotherm tapes.
Denso Primer D displays the following characteristics:
– Promotes intimate contact between substrate and tape compound.
– Promotes high adhesion.
– Good wetting and penetration characteristics.
– Can be applied by brush, roller or spray.


Denso Superlight Profiling Mastic

  A lightweight, non-setting self supporting mastic. Weight for weight it will fill three times the volume filled by other brand mastics and more than twice the volume filled by Densyl Mastic. Mastics are sold by weight but used by volume, this means that Denso Superlight Profiling Mastic can provide large savings in cost. Denso… Continue Reading


A polymer modified bitumen strip for sealing joints preventing the ingress of water. Providing a uniform flexible seal, Densoband is ideal for base and wearing course joints that can withstand movement from traffic load and thermal changes. Densoband has now been in use for over 23 years in Europe and fully complies with The Highways… Continue Reading

Denso Overbanding Tape

A polymer modified bitumen strip for sealing over cracks or failed reinstatement joints on secondary roads. Additionally the skid resistance can be increased by covering the tape after application with granite dust to a maximum size of 3mm to a similar finish to the existing road surface. Road Products applicators are available to reduce application… Continue Reading

Denso Primers

Category Product Description Primer Type Buried Onshore Coatings Denso Petrolatum Tape Denso Paste Denso Petrolatum Tape Denso Priming Solution Densyl Tape Denso Paste Densopol Tapes Denso Primer ‘D’ Densoclad Tapes Denso Primer ‘D’ Denso Butyl Tapes Denso Butyl Primer Denso Ultraflex Tapes Denso Primer ‘D’ Denso CPT PVC Tapes Denso Primer ‘D’   Exposed Surface… Continue Reading

Denso Skid Resistant Overbanding Tape

The product has a special textured surface which has been independently tested and proved to exceed the minimum skid resistance value for overbanding materials specified by the Department for Transport (UK). To reduce environmental impact Denso Skid Resistant Overbanding incorporates reused materials and is packaged using recycled packaging. Continue Reading

Denso Paving Tape

A cold applied fabric reinforced polymer modified bitumen membrane providing an instant seal and preventing further deterioration of the road pavement, applied to the sub-base of the road. This product can be applied by unskilled labour by application machine, roller or hand resulting in a fast and efficient application. Continue Reading

Densoseal 16A

Firm fibrous mastic based on mineral fillers, organic fibres and water displacing materials. Densoseal 16A is packed into the ends of the duct by hand and moulded firmly around cables and against the duct to ensure there are no gaps or fissures. The mastic should be packed to a depth of at least equal to… Continue Reading