Industrial Linings

Archco Rigidon Tankerline
This product has been specifically developed for use in chemical and effluent road carrying or rail tankers.Suitable for use with spent hydrofluoric acid.

Denso Nu-Tank 400E
Nu-Tank 400E is a high build epoxy lining system developed to give long term protection against corrosion to water tanks,cooling towers and air handling units.

Denso System 300E
This product is a 2 component lining system for use in crude oil and refined petroleum product storage tanks.

Denso Heatshield 250
For the external protection of steel smokestacks and valves on refineries, power stations, chemical process plant etc.

Archco Rigidon 500 Series
This product offers the best performance of all the glass flake reinforced linings as well as being unaffected by immersion temperatures up to 100°C.

Archco Rigidon Filterline
Filterline is designed for the long term protection of industrial and swimming pool filters. It is resistant to ozone and chlorine.

Archco Rigidon 700 Series
These Systems are primarily to protect concrete bund areas which are subject to severe chemical attack and physical loading.

Archco Rigidon 600 Series
A series of linings which are designed to give the optimum performance. This series is typically used to line or coat concrete but can even line steel.

Archco Rigidon 400 Series
These products will resist a wide range of chemicals with certain grades being suitable under immersion temperatures up to 100°C.