Exposed Surface Coatings

Denso Steelcoat 50 System / Void Filler
For protecting pre-stressing and post tensioning cables and anchorages in ducts. A semi solid paste which can be pumped hot or cold, it totally excludes air and water preventing corrosion

Denso Steelcoat 400 System
For structural steel, pipework, fittings and tank bases. Operating Temperature:-10°C to +60°C. A hand applied tape wrap system designed for 30 year plus life in severe corrosive environments

Denso Steelcoat 700 System
For structures, exposed pipes and structural steelwork.Maximum operating temperature: 55°C, 500 microns thick, minimum two coat brush or spray applied epoxy mastic coating suitable for power tool cleaned surfaces

Denso Steelcoat 900 System
For high temperature pipework and vessels. Operating Temperatures: 0°C to 220°C +150°C upper temperature achieved with one single 400 micron hot sprayed liquid coating.

Denso Steelcoat 300 System
For small diameter pipework and fittings.Operating Temperature: -25°C to +60°C. A very fast hand applied tape coating requiring no primer or overpainting.

Steelcoat 100 System
For structural steel, pipework and fittings. Operating Temperatures: -50°C to +60°C. A versatile tape coating for badly pitted metal surfaces and damp/low temperature pipework.

Denso Steelcoat 200 System / Hotline Tape
For metal pipework, Maximum Operating Temperature: 110°C. A VOC free tape wrap system for above ground pipes operating at high temperatures.

Denso Steelcoat 500 System
For above ground pipe and pipelines. Maximum Operating Temperature: 60°C. A heavy duty acrylic backed pipeline tape coating designed for 30 year plus service life

Denso Steelcoat 1000 System
Heavy duty glass-flake reinforced polyster resin coatings applied to abrasive blast cleaned steel surfaces for long-term corrosion protection.

Denso Rigspray Micro
A more economical coating system applied at a thickness of 600 microns, with an expected service life of up to 20 years.

Denso Steelcoat Tank Base Protection
Denso have developed an effective solution to the the problem of tank base corrosion. The system seals the vulnerable area with a flexible touch outer-armoring which is also water resistant.

Steelcoat System Selection Guide

Pumping Equipment for Denso Void Filler