Buried Onshore Coatings

Denso Protal Coatings
A range of liquid epoxy, polyurethane and reinforced polyester pipeline coatings designed for application to abrasive blast cleaned steel pipes, field joints, tie-ins, etc.

Denso Petrolatum Products
In-situ corrosion prevention of gas, water, oil and other pipes and pipelines valves and fittings. Repair to damaged coatings. Protection of tie bars, post-tensioned rods, cables and tanks. Protection of metal components in transit and storage. Waterproofing medium, vapour barrier on thermal installation. Sealing of electrical components and connections. Isolation of dissimilar metals.

Densopol Tapes
Designed for application by hand or machine for buried or submarine pipelines. The protection of welded joints on coated pipe, bends, fittings etc.

Densoclad Tapes
For the corrosion protection of all sizes of buried or immersed pipes and fittings. For machine or hand application to welded joints, bends, bare pipe lengths and pipe fittings.

CPT/Ultraflex Tapes
A cold applied laminate tape consisting of a pressure sensitive, non-hardening polymer modified bitumen adhesive layer, laminated to a specially formulated PVC backing film.

Denso Outerwraps
A range of cold applied outerwraps used for mechanical protection over Denso Petrolatum Tape, Densopol Tapes, Densoclad Tapes, Ultraflex Tapes etc.

Denso Shrink Sleeve Systems
Denso Heat Shrink Sleeves are heat shrinkable polyethylene sleeves which provide extremely tough anti-corrosion protection for butt welded pipeline joints and factory coating repairs.

A hot applied bituminous tape comprising a non-woven synthetic fabric fully impregnated and coated with a flexible high melting point bitumen compound.

Denso Butyl Products
For corrosion prevention of buried steel pipeline installations. Also suitable for insulating cathodic protection fittings / attachments.

Denso Stoneguard
Is an expanded high density polyethylene mesh designed to give extra mechanical protection to pipe coatings laid in rough/roock ground or abrasive backfill Its diagonal mesh construction gives great flexibility for easy application whilst ensuring maximun protection to the pipe coating.

Protection of pipeline fittings and valves
An extremely versatile range of cold applied petrolatum based mastics. They provide economical efficient solutions to the problems of long term corrosion protection as well as water and gas proofing.